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Native OpenTelemetry Tracing

Learn how to export traces to via one of the OpenTelemetry SDKs.
Export your traces to the collector.

We host an OpenTelemetry collector endpoint at Configure your OpenTelemetry SDK to send traces via OTLP HTTPS to this endpoint. Your Highlight Project ID should be included as an attribute with the highlight.project_id key. This configuration will depend on which SDK you use in your app.

import { NodeSDK } from '@opentelemetry/sdk-node' import { OTLPTraceExporter } from '@opentelemetry/exporter-trace-otlp-http'; import { Resource } from '@opentelemetry/resources' import type { Attributes } from '@opentelemetry/api' const attributes: Attributes = { 'highlight.project_id': '<YOUR_PROJECT_ID>' } const sdk = new NodeSDK({ resource: new Resource(attributes), traceExporter: new OTLPTraceExporter({ url: '' }) }); sdk.start();
Verify your backend traces are being recorded.

Visit the highlight traces portal and check that backend traces are coming in.