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Canvas & Iframe

Recording canvas elements supports recording canvas (and therefore WebGL) elements, although due to the nature of canvas, there are caveats regarding the quality/fidelity of the recording. Read more about how to get started with this in our canvas configuration docs. Below is a video demo of what the video recording looks like:

Installing in an iframe

The snippet supports recording within an iframe, but given the security limitations, there are caveats. Read more about this in our sdk configuration docs.

Recording Cross-origin iframes

To support recording a cross-origin iframe that you own, we've added functionality into our recording client that allows the iframe to forward its events to the parent session. Read more about this in our sdk configuration docs.

If you do not own the parent page that is embedding your iframe cross-origin but you still want to record the iframe contents, pass recordCrossOriginIframe: false to the H.init options to force the iframe to record as a standalone app. Otherwise, the iframe will wait for the parent page to start recording.