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How Telemetry works for self-hosted deploys

Telemetry helps us understand how folks use highlight, what operating systems and hardware capabilities they have, and what features they use most. The metrics we collect are anonymized so that we can associate usage with a particular deployment, but never with a particular user email or name. We use our own highlight cloud product to collect metrics, so you can find exactly how the telemetry metrics are recorded and then stored + queried. Check out the telemetry code here to learn more.

When you start highlight for development or a hobby deploy, our scripts will share the telemetry policy. If you'd like to disable telemetry, you can do so by editing the IsOptedOut function in backend/phonehome/phonehome.go. For a hobby deploy, you'll need to build the docker images from source to persist such a change.

Heartbeat Metrics
num-cpuCPU Countint
mem-used-percentPercent memory usedfloat
mem-totalBytes of memory totalint
Self-reported User Attributes
about-you-roleEngineering / Productstring
about-you-referralSite visit referrerstring
Usage Metrics
backend-setupIs a backend SDK integratedbool
session-countNumber of sessions recordedint
error-countNumber of errors recordedint
log-countNumber of logs recordedint
session-view-countNumber of sessions viewedint
error-view-countNumber of errors viewedint
log-view-countNumber of logs viewedint
General Telemetry
versionHighlight version shastring
is-onpremValue of env var ON_PREMstring
sslWhether SSL is activebool
public-graph-uriThe URI of the public graph.string
private-graph-uriThe URI of the private graph.string
frontend-uriThe URI of the frontend.string
doppler-configWhen doppler is used, the name of the environment.string
phone-home-deployment-idA randomly-generated deployment identifier.string