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Tracking Users & Recording Events

Identifying Users & Tracking Events

With session replay, it can be useful to identify the actual users and track actions that they perform. By default, your users in remain anonymous, but we offer the option to identify and track actions with our javascript SDK. Read more in our SDK Configuration guide.

Definition of a Session

A highlight session starts when you H.init in your web application (or call H.start if you are manually delaying the recording start). Once a session starts, we will continue recording in the same session for up to 4 hours. Each browser tab / instance will start a distinct session, so if your web app is opened in 2 tabs at once, we will record 2 sessions.

However, once a session starts, it can be resumed. If your web app is opened in a single tab, closed, and then reopened within 15 minutes of closing, we will resume the existing highlight session. If more than 15 minutes have passed, we will start a new session.

Active time is the time when a user is interacting with your page with no more than a 10-second gap in activity. For example, if a user is moving their mouse / typing / clicking for 30 seconds with no gaps of longer than 10 seconds, that would count as 30 seconds of active time.