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Customer Case Study

How Highlight Enables Motion's Investigation into the User Journey

Onboarding Experience

One of the many needs of Motion was to better understand the nuances of the user journey during their customers onboarding process. stepped in with its Session Replay tool, offering Motion a high-definition perspective on user experiences. This replaced the need for conventional user interviews, providing Motion with direct, actionable insights on how their user's experience was influenced by their product. enabled Motion to identify and understand the behavioral patterns of their users, effectively distinguishing between those who successfully used the platform and those who did not.
Author pictureEthan Yu,Motion

Check out our documentation here to learn more about the benefits and features of Highlight's Session Replay product.

Seamless Implementation and Product Usage

With details such as Highlight’s Amplitude integration and a variety of SDKs available, Motion was able to quickly integrate the product. Once they began using the tool, they were able to swiftly identify and resolve user issues.

We have rarely used support, and on the few occasions we did, we received near instantaneous responses. I was reassured that my team’s problems were being taken very seriously.
Author pictureEthan Yu,Motion

Giving Confidence

The collaboration between and Motion highlights the importance of insightful, user-friendly observability tools in understanding and improving user experiences. This partnership has been instrumental in optimizing Motion’s approach to user engagement and product development - it is now a requirement to watch Highlight’s Session Replays to monitor that a given launch goes successfully.

I would absolutely recommend Highlight. They ship quickly, often, and are reliable - these were my main concerns when evaluating vendors.
Author pictureEthan Yu,Motion

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