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Customer Case Study

How Highlight Enables LifeAt to Proactively Manage their Products

Enhancing Front-End Reliability

LifeAt faced challenges in diagnosing and understanding front-end errors across their application and their existing tools were inadequate for delving into the complexities of a users’ interactions, particularly for a front-end heavy application.’s session recording and error logging capabilities provided LifeAt with the insights needed to address these challenges. The tool’s ability to correlate user behavior with front-end errors enabled LifeAt to quickly identify and address issues. was a game-changer for us, offering an in-depth view of user interactions and simplifying the process of replicating and resolving errors.
Author picturePouya Rad,LifeAt

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Seamless Implementation and Usage

The implementation of was described as “super easy” by the CTO, with a straightforward setup process and clean documentation. The simplicity of integration, combined with the robustness of the tool, made it an ideal choice for LifeAt.’s two-liner implementation process was incredibly user-friendly, making it an obvious choice for us to enhance our front-end error tracking.
Author picturePouya Rad,LifeAt

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Proactive and Efficient Error Management

Since adopting, LifeAt has seen a significant reduction in the time spent identifying and resolving errors. The tool’s intuitive session filtering and playback functionality have made it easier for both technical and non-technical team members to proactively address user issues rather than waiting on users to write in their issues.

With, we shifted from a reactive to a proactive approach in managing front-end issues, greatly enhancing our operational efficiency.
Author picturePouya Rad,LifeAt

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Future Plans and Aspirations

LifeAt aims to further integrate into their operations, expanding its use to connect full-stack error observability. This step is seen as crucial in continuing to enhance their product's reliability and user experience.

We are excited to further leverage’s capabilities to create a more robust and error-resilient product for our users.
Author picturePouya Rad,LifeAt

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